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Here at Squared Away Lawns, we use one of the longest-lasting pre-emergent products on the market. It is extremely versatile in all soil conditions. While most companies use a high nitrogen fertilizer the entire season and scale back the application rate in the hotter months, we change our products to provide the greenest, healthiest and thickest turf possible without increasing the demand for water. Our customers have greener thicker lawns all season long while putting down only a fraction of the water necessary when using different fertilizers or none at all.

1st Treatment (January-February)

Pre and post-emergent weed control application. We use different mixes on our Fescue or Bermuda / Zoysia lawns. This is the most important application to have applied for 100% results throughout the season. The pre-emergent works by creating a barrier in the soil to prevent any type of seed from growing into the soil. A post-emergent product is also applied for any weeds that are currently existing in the turf area. We add a blue marking agent to this mix in order to attain even coverage on Bermuda grass only.

2nd Treatment (March-April)

High nitrogen fertilizer application. This is applied for quick spring green-up a rapid growth and spreading of the turf grass. A spot treatment will be done at this time to take care of any hard to kill weeds.  Grub control and core aeration is recommended on the next treatment.

3rd Treatment (April-May)

Pre and post-emergent weed control application. This is a booster of the pre-emergent ingredient applied for the purpose of extending the life of the pre-emergent in the soil throughout the growing season. A post-emergent product is also added to kill any weeds that may have appeared since the previous treatment. No marking agent is used in this application. Grub Control is recommended. 

4th Treatment (May-June)

Growing season fertilizer application. This fertilizer has been custom blended for Oklahoma turf and Oklahoma soils. We use different types on our Fescue or Bermuda / Zoysia lawns. It contains phosphorous, iron, sulphur and an extended release nitrogen. This fertilizer is designed to promote root growth and spreading. It has the added benefit of extreme greening while reducing the amount of water needed due to the lower amount of nitrogen that is being applied. A spot treatment of any hard to kill weeds will be done at this time.

5th Treatment (June – July)

Growing season fertilizer application. This is the same product as applied above. A spot treatment of any hard to kill weeds will be done at this time..

6th Treatment (August – September)

Root growth-stimulating fertilizer application. This high iron fertilizer continues greening the turf even through the hottest Oklahoma months. Spot treatment of any hard to kill weeds will be done at this time.  An additional grub worm control treatment and watering is recommended.

Final Treatment (October – November)

Winterizing pre-emergent application. At this point, it will have been 7-8 months since any pre-emergent weed control product has been applied to your lawn. It is imperative that this application be applied in order to prevent some weeds that actually germinate in the fall lying dormant until next spring, only to pop up throughout the entire lawn. A marking agent is used in the application for every turf type.

We guarantee that your lawn will be weed-free, thick and green when others aren’t. We recommend comparing overall turf quality and types of fertilizers used as well as calculating the expense of additional watering cycles when choosing a weed control company or program. Not all companies use the same products and results are quite obvious when compared side by side. Be sure to look at annual cost of treatment and not just the per application cost. In this industry as well as most the proof is in the results and most of the time you get the quality that you pay for. Go with Squared Away Lawns for turf quality that will add beauty to your home and more enjoyment outdoors. 

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