Landscape Design and Installation

Initial Consultation

  • We will meet with you and walk the project site

  • Part of the meeting we will discuss your vision, any concerns, and the budget

  • If you have photos of your vision that is very helpful

  • Our Project Manager will be taking measurements and inventory of any existing elements

Conceptual Design

  • A draft conceptual plan will be put together based on the objectives discussed

  • We will develop a budget with high and low options based on the scope & material choices

  • A meeting will be set up to go over the projected conceptual plan and budget

  • Based on those discussions any changes to the scope will be made

Final Design Plans

  • If a revised plan and budget is necessary those changes will be made  

  • The finalized project scope, material selections, budget and planting plan will be presented

  • The final approval is confirmed with an install date, signature and a 50% of the total is paid

Project Begins

  • Our customers are notified prior to the installation date just as a reminder and to expect the delivery of materials and our installers arriving on site

  • You will be kept up to date on the progress or any delays we may have throughout the project

  • Customer approval of these changes are very important to keep everyone on the same page
  • Upon completion of the project and you agree we have met your satisfaction we will ask for your signature and the balance of the remaining 50%

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